Achieving the best outcomes for our clients

Every business can be affected by disputes. We understand that disputes are a distraction and drain on the productivity of your business and can arise in many aspects of your business operation.

Addressing a dispute requires lawyers who understand your business and your industry. Our dispute resolution team makes that understanding a priority. From there we work with you to identify the real essence of the particular dispute and the optimum strategy to address it.

Where commercial disputes arise, our dispute resolution team assists clients resolve them with litigation, arbitration, mediation, expert determination and alternative dispute resolution. In particular, we bring significant experience in:

  • Developing commercially focused dispute resolution strategies
  • Providing considered and pragmatic advice
  • Briefing experts and counsel (as required)
  • Exploring alternative dispute resolution mechanisms where possible
  • Commencing and defending proceedings
  • Preparing evidence and running trials in all relevant jurisdictions
  • Seeking and defending urgent injunctive proceedings
  • Negotiating and documenting settlements.

We appreciate the need for clients to obtain value for money from their legal service providers, while not compromising on the quality of the service. We carefully determine the most appropriate strategy and resources to ensure that your matter is resolved effectively, efficiently and in accordance with the commercial realities and priorities of your business.

As lawyers, we will advise you on the most cost and time effective process so that you can get back to focussing on your core business. That process may involve a range of alternatives from informal negotiation and alternative dispute resolution to adversarial litigation.

Litigation expertise

Our team has represented clients in the lower, intermediate and Supreme Courts of each State and Territory, the Federal Court of Australia, Courts of Appeal and the High Court of Australia.

We provide a full range of litigation, debt recovery and insolvency services for a range of commercial disputes including:

  • Simple demands on debtors
  • Commencement of proceedings
  • Enforcement of contractual provisions (including mortgages, building contracts and general contracts for the provision of goods or services)
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Winding up and bankruptcy applications.

Where civil enforcement action is required, our services include:

  • Drafting statements of claim or other originating process
  • Preparing and assessing affidavit evidence and advising on prospects of success
  • Management of all of the evidence throughout the litigation process
  • Drafting and issuing relevant interlocutory motions
  • Advocacy in all jurisdictions
  • Obtaining judgments arising from final hearing
  • Enforcement of the judgment debt through examination orders, garnishee orders, issue of writs against personal or real property
  •  Enforcement of debt by commencing proceedings for bankruptcy or winding up.