For defamation matters, Moray & Agnew has high level expertise available to support our clients in managing reputational risk, including in the face of intense media, political and public scrutiny. Our team includes experienced lawyers and market commentators.


Defamation matters can rapidly reel out of control: particularly with social and other electronic media, a defamatory publication can move rapidly and cause serious damage to reputation within minutes. Early intervention from a specialised expert can assist in mitigating that damage and obtaining the necessary evidence to prosecute a successful defamation claim, or alternatively to sustain a defence, including the various ‘technical’ defences particular to the field.

More importantly, expert guidance before publication can avoid the cost of a defamation action.

The law in this area is ever changing. Our team of experienced lawyers are well versed in this complex area and as it continues to undergo reform, provide our clients with timely and current advice.

We provide a comprehensive range of services which include:

  • Prosecuting and defending defamation and injurious falsehood actions
  • Advising on reputational risks and damage
  • Pre-publication advice
  • Negotiations with media outlets regarding coverage, impending publications of concern and retractions – particularly important in relation to social media
  • Advising on injunctions and other options to prevent publication.


Our demonstrated experience and expertise in this specialised area means we are well-placed to protect our clients’ interests. We quickly assess the issues, and advise on the options that are available to our clients. We make recommendations directed towards minimising exposure, safeguarding personal and professional reputation, and a cost effective resolution in the event of disputes.

Our clients are diverse, and include organisations and individuals. Examples of some of our recent work includes:

  • Assisting a medical practitioner in ensuring that a current affairs programme to be broadcast nationally did not contain adverse and embarrassing comments about him
  • Acting for a university to limit adverse comments about it and its staff to be published in a national broadsheet
  • Successfully defending a Rugby League Club in a defamation action involving performance enhancing drugs
  • Providing pre-publication advice to higher education institutions
  • Acting for various professionals, schools, universities, churches, clubs, local councils and community radio stations in defamation cases against them
  • Acting for individuals and organisations subject to adverse publications.
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