Moray & Agnew provides services to all levels of Government across multiple areas. This includes:

  • Public Law including all aspects of government at the Local, State/Territory and Federal levels, administrative law, merits and judicial review, financial frameworks, freedom of information, privacy, public interest disclosure, human rights, discrimination, discretionary compensation, and inquiries and commissions
  • Property and Environment including all matters relating to commercial, residential and agricultural property, property transactions, development, redevelopment and management, acquisitions, construction and infrastructure, planning and environment, and native title
  • Workplace and Industrial Relations including all aspects of employment and industrial relations, and workplace health and safety
  • Compensation including workers’ compensation, defence/military/veterans’ claims, seafarers claims, asbestos-related related disease claims, and all forms of personal injury and property compensation and damages claims
  • Corporate and Commercial including general contract and insurance law, grants and funding agreements, governance, procurement and probity, insolvency and bankruptcy, and debt recovery
  • Secondments including short and medium term secondments, legal professional staff, and support staff
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation.

As a firm focussed on advising government at all levels, we have been able to secure, develop and retain skilled and experienced professionals attracted to our diverse government client base. A number of our team have substantial experience working in the government sector and have an in depth understanding of the unique requirements of government.

We are currently appointed to the Whole of Australian Government Legal Service Panel in all areas of law. 

We also advise and represent State/Territory Government and Government agencies in NSW, Victoria, WA, ACT and Queensland and Local Government in Victoria, NSW, WA and Queensland.

In 2018, Moray & Agnew was appointed a MAV legal provider to all Victorian councils.