Our Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution team acts for a variety of clients across a range of industries and niche markets. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators and advocates and always seek to resolve disputes in the most cost and time effective way.

Our national team has specialist experience in class actions, representing a range of clients including:

  • Directors and officers of private and public companies
  • Professionals, including investment managers, accountants and auditors, agronomists and financial planners;
  • Government officers and decision-makers

Our instructions come from businesses, all levels of government, Australian and international insurers, and other risk-carriers.

We’ve successfully defended high profile, sensitive, and highly politicised class actions. However, our focus is always on resolving matters swiftly and helping clients protect their reputation and business.


We’ve defended class actions concerning financial services, market misrepresentation, contamination claims, misfeasance in public office, defective products and product recalls.

Class actions require an ability to ‘scale up’ a legal team to mobilise the resources needed to understand and protect a business, government official or professional. Our national approach assists us in rapidly populating a dedicated legal team to ensure a strong defence is achieved and at a proportionate cost.

While we have the legal expertise to test the most complex legal issues in court, most cases we handle are resolved early on – achieving the best results for our clients.


At Moray & Agnew, we’re litigators who are dedicated to exploring all opportunities for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

We achieve enviable results by being proactive and strategic as early as possible, and mitigating the risk of a class action proceeding beyond the preliminary stages – or even being filed in the first place.

If proceedings do advance, we’re ready to protect your interests and have a large and nimble team with the talent and experience required to assist.

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