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Danielle Sweeney



+61 2 4911 5471

Danielle is a highly skilled and experienced lawyer with over ten years’ experience focusing on the insurance industry. Her primary areas of practice cover compulsory third party (CTP) claims and workers compensation.

Experience & Expertise

Danielle’s experience includes handling numerous compulsory third party claims, workers compensation claims and regularly representing clients in all relevant Australian jurisdictions, including the Claims Assessment Resolution Service, Personal Injury Commission, District and Supreme Courts of NSW, NSW Court of Appeal and the High Court of Australia.

In addition, Danielle has amassed considerable experience managing major and catastrophic claims.

Danielle also handles claims involving fraudulent conduct by plaintiffs, including staged accidents and major issues with respect to causation of injuries. She has achieved multiple withdrawals of claims and satisfactory judgments in which fraud was alleged after considerable and extensive investigations – resulting in significant savings for her insurer clients.

Danielle is highly regarded by her clients for her unwavering commitment to best practice service delivery as a core part of maintaining excellent client relationships. She often presents to insurers on identifying, deterring and defending fraudulent claims.


Danielle’s expertise and forensic approach to claims has seen her achieve an impressive record of evidence-based and conservative resolutions of claims and dismissal and withdrawal of unmeritorious claims.

In her career so far she been deeply involved in highly complex areas of law, including in Gray v Richards [2014] HCA 40 where she instructed the insurer in a matter involving an infant plaintiff who had sustained a catastrophic brain injury. The matter proceeded to the High Court of Australia on issues involving complex fund management expenses.

Danielle was also involved in the successful NSW Court of Appeal case of Stuart v Walsh [2012] NSWCA 186, in which the District Court of NSW’s findings of negligence and contributory negligence of 10% were overturned and a verdict for the defendant was entered. The decision reinforced the principle of agony of the moment.



  • Diploma of Law (LPAB), 2013
  • Diploma of Legal Practice, 2014, College of Law


  • Women in Insurance NSW
  • Law Society of New South Wales
  • Business Hunter