A litigated outcome can sometimes be a worst case scenario. Even a successful result in court will almost inevitably involve significant outlay, interruption to your business and legal expenses. Litigated outcomes come at a cost: win, lose or draw. Appeals exacerbate those losses.

In a very large number of disputes an alternative method of resolution can and should be explored. Our dispute resolution team are experts in this field.


We participate regularly in mediation of disputes, both pre-litigation and those mandated by the Court.

Our capabilities also extend to other types of alternative dispute resolution forums, including expert determinations, adjudications and conciliations.

And our depth of experience means we conduct negotiations, informally and formally, with confidence and aplomb, to achieve a binding and mutually acceptable outcome to a dispute, and thus enable our clients to resume their own businesses.

Our dispute resolution team’s experience in this area includes:

  • Early informal negotiations, delicately but forcefully setting the scene for a negotiated outcome
  • Conciliations
  • Formal mediations, including instructing counsel in more complex and higher value disputes
  • Identifying and briefing appropriate experts to carry out binding (or alternatively non-binding or unilaterally binding) neutral evaluations
  • Seeking and defending urgent injunctive proceedings, and negotiating and documenting settlements.


Almost any dispute is capable of early resolution. We have achieved outcomes where litigation appeared an inevitability. We have negotiated outcomes in ‘insoluble’ matters such as in a disciplinary context where agreed outcomes involving agreed facts and enforceable undertakings have spared the protagonists the costs, delays and uncertainties associated with a mandated outcome.

From the most complex disputes, to the simplest, at Moray & Agnew, our lawyers will help you through the challenge of resolving a dispute to your satisfaction.

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