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Anne-Maree Williams

Special Counsel


+61 2 9234 4633

With over 25 years’ experience, Anne-Maree specialises in insurance litigation, acting for insurers in compulsory third party claims. Since joining Moray & Agnew, Anne-Maree has achieved extensive experience in the handling of compulsory third party claims in all jurisdictions. During her time in acting for insurers on compulsory third party personal injury claims, she has navigated the relevant legislation applicable at the time.


Anne-Maree has specialised in the handling of claims before the Claims Assessment and Resolution Service (CARS) and the Medical Assessment Service (MAS) under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 (NSW) and the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) under the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017 (NSW). This has comprised not only the preparatory work for medical disputes and claims assessment conferences, but also oral advocacy before CARS and SIRA.

Her extensive experience in preparing cases for medical disputes at MAS has seen her obtain success in challenging the decisions of Medical Assessors in the Administrative Division of the Supreme Court in obtaining favourable decisions for her clients.

Anne-Maree has developed a special interest in claims based on psychiatric injury. During the management of some psychiatric claims, she has gained experience in the Equity Division of the Supreme Court in successfully appointing the NSW Trustee and Guardian to represent claimants of unsound mind. 

She has had further success in the Equity Division of the Supreme Court in obtaining an injunction against a CARS Assessor from prematurely proceeding with a matter when there was an outstanding dispute still to be determined before MAS. This resulted in protecting the liability of her client in reserving their right to have a dispute determined at MAS before proceeding to final determination before the CARS Assessor.

Prior to joining Moray & Agnew, Anne-Maree worked for six years in the liability claims department of one of Australia’s largest insurers. Anne-Maree was responsible for the claims management of a large volume of matters and the supervision of 20 claims staff. This experience of working within an insurance company gave her the opportunity to understand and appreciate the needs of her clients within the insurance Industry.



Diploma of Law, 1993, Legal Profession Admission Board (former Barristers and Solicitors Admission Boards)


Law Society of New South Wales