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Stephanie Bainat



+61 2 9234 4623

Stephanie is a highly experienced professional indemnity lawyer, widely recognised for her thorough approach, her intellectual process and her compassion in assisting professionals through the ordeal of lawsuits and disciplinary investigations.


Stephanie’s principal area of focus is in professional indemnity claims against legal professionals. She has assisted countless barristers and solicitors through the professional embarrassment of negligence claims, stressful disciplinary investigations and the affront of personal costs applications. Stephanie’s lawyer clients are reassured by her understanding of reputational sensitivities and her ability to provide objective and strategic advice in a calm and sympathetic manner.

Stephanie is experienced in providing sound advice to insurers and insureds in all manner of disputes. In addition to acting for lawyers, Stephanie has acted for a range of medical practitioners in malpractice claims. She has successfully advocated for judgments in favour of doctors and steered disputes to sensible settlements where there is a genuine risk of an adverse outcome.

Stephanie has instructed in many coronial inquests, expertly managing the sensitivities involved in dealing with a grieving family and distressed witnesses, while also advocating against potentially unjust and unrealistic outcomes for her clients.

Stephanie’s insurer clients benefit from the wealth of her experience in complex coverage disputes across all policy types, including many multi-million dollar claims. Stephanie’s clients appreciate her strong legal skills and her insight into the commercial realities in which insurers and insureds operate.


Stephanie has assisted dozens of members of the NSW Bar, as well as barristers in other jurisdictions, to desirable outcomes of civil disputes. These disputes span many fields, including personal injury, commercial law, family law, criminal law, property and wills and estates. Stephanie has also guided many barristers and solicitors through the nerve-wracking process of disciplinary investigations, often (although not always) with pleasing outcomes.

Stephanie has instructed in a handful of high profile coronial inquests involving immigration detention centres and understands the importance of the commercial and political interests involved.

Stephanie has also represented insureds and insurers in hotly contested coverage disputes, a few have involved in excess of $20 million.



  • Bachelor of Laws, 2008, University of Technology Sydney
  • Bachelor of Science, 2002, University of Wollongong
  • Bachelor of Arts, 2002, University of Wollongong


  • Australian Professional Indemnity Group
  • Law Society of New South Wales