Our Motor Vehicle lawyers have solid credentials across all lines of insurance and personal injury work. Many hold specialist accreditation in their field of expertise.

For more than 30 years, we’ve represented Australia’s motor vehicle and CTP insurers, from niche insurers through to the major brands, along with leading Commonwealth, State and Territory public sector risk carriers.

Our understanding of the challenges, diverse legislative frameworks, procedural nuances and duties involved in all areas of motor vehicle insurance law is unrivalled. We’re market leaders and have a reputation for early and proactive resolution.


Our multi-jurisdictional CTP legal defence team is the largest in Australia. Combined with our specialist property damage team, the Moray & Agnew Motor Vehicle team offers wide-ranging experience and expertise across vehicle classes and accident scenarios, including: 

  • Advising on motor injury law and the myriad of issues arising from motor accident, transport and other industrial claims
  • Claims management and strategisation
  • Defending insurer interests in both routine and more complex claims, including highly complex, reputation-sensitive, high value (including class actions) and scheme-sensitive claims
  • Defending actions in courts and tribunals of each jurisdiction, and the Claims Assessment and Resolution Service (CARS) and Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) in NSW, along with formal and informal dispute resolution
  • Recovery and contribution actions
  • Catastrophic claims, including brain damage, serious burns, quadriplegia and injuries to children and the management of multi-million dollar catastrophic injury claims
  • Advising on jurisdictional procedures and choice of law issues
  • Vigorous defence of litigated claims as a model litigant
  • Interactions with regulators
  • Preparing submissions and representation at CARS and DRS assessments in NSW and other tribunals.

We have experience acting in claims involving:

  • All types of vehicles, including cars, station wagons, motorcycles (including with pillion passenger or side car), taxis, hire vehicles, trucks, prime movers, utilities and vans, trailers, motorised homes, caravans, unusual vehicles (vintage, veteran, historic or street rods), tractors, agricultural equipment and earthmovers, and buses (including for non-commercial school/health use)
  • All types of drivers, including unlicensed drivers, intoxicated drivers and overseas licensed drivers
  • All types of incidents including off-road incidents, unregistered vehicles, overloaded vehicles, police pursuits, single vehicle crashes, accidents involving infants and children, accidents with pedestrians.


Delivering an exceptional service and outstanding results in motor vehicle law demands a delicate balancing act. We get the balance just right by:

  • Creating integrated, specialist teams that are at the forefront of case law and legislative developments across all jurisdictions
  • Ensuring continuity and consistency with dedicated lawyers who maintain control of each claim from start to finish
  • Harmonising strategy and processes across jurisdictional and scheme divides
  • Employing technology that enables open communication with clients, a responsive approach and accurate, transparent reporting
  • Ensuring a rigorous yet efficient approach (which helps us achieve a finalisation period of less than 25 weeks)
  • Focusing on alternative dispute resolution: over 80% of matters received are settled well prior to any hearing date being allocated by the Court.

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