27th August 2021

Moray & Agnew announces its support of UNICEF’s Give the World a Shot program.

For each employee of the national firm who receives their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by 31 December 2021, Moray & Agnew will donate to UNICEF the amount needed to vaccinate at least one person in an international jurisdiction in need. Participation is encouraged within the firm but is voluntary.

The firm is also making an initial donation equating to 5% of the firm’s headcount to recognise that some of its people may not be able to receive a vaccination.

Geoff Connellan National Managing Partner said he was proud of the firm’s participation. He says “COVID-19 impacts all of us as a global community. We wanted to help make a difference where we can by acknowledging our people having vaccinations whilst also supporting UNICEF’s program.  Other law firms are getting involved with this very worthwhile initiative. It will have multiple benefits”.