Moray & Agnew’s total commitment to achieving good corporate, social and environmental outcomes is central to how the firm conducts business and delivers legal services to our clients.

As a model corporate citizen, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to positive outcomes for the broader community, in which we operate and to always act in a manner that demonstrates that ethos.

We do this by our unequivocal adoption of measures reflecting significant community involvement, use of positive sustainability measures, an unwavering commitment to ethical behaviour, unfettered human rights, environmental responsibility, and equal opportunities.

Environmentally responsible

We are extremely aware of our environmental responsibility and have numerous measures and initiatives in place to lessen our environmental footprint by improving efficiency and increasing productivity.

A totally ethical approach

Moray & Agnew remains particularly conscious of human rights and what this means for all our staff, and core human rights principles have been incorporated into all of our policies and procedures.