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Narelle Griffin

Senior Associate


+61 3 8687 7343

Narelle has extensive experience in motor vehicle insurance litigation. Narelle has advised both major and boutique insurers in connection with Plaintiff and Defendant motor vehicle accident property damage disputes.


Narelle is extremely knowledgeable in the practice of motor vehicle property damage disputes, and has practiced in this area for approximately 10 years.

Narelle has advised on complex indemnity disputes, complex concertina liability disputes, fuel contamination cases, inevitable accident disputes, repair rectification disputes, high quantum repair disputes, fraudulent claims, as well as general recovery and defence issues.

Narelle has used Sections 51 and 54 of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984, to obtain the best financial outcomes for her clients in various matters.

She is particularly skilled in running motor vehicle property damage disputes involving unique accident circumstances, for example when sheep have jumped from a paddock and onto the path of oncoming vehicles.

Narelle has experience running motor vehicle property damage disputes across multiple jurisdictions including Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, and Western Australia.

Narelle has appeared for her clients in Mediations, Victorian Magistrates’ Court matters, South Australian Magistrates’ Court matters, the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.


Career highlights include:

  • Successfully defending high quantum hire car disputes in the South Australian Magistrates’ Court. Several matters proceeded to Trial and resulted in fantastic outcomes for the insurer clients. The clients were successful in being awarded a reduction on quantum from the original claims. In some matters costs were in favour of our clients for successfully achieving an outcome better than pre-litigation offers.
  • Successfully applying the defence of inevitable accident to a negotiated outcome. Medical evidence was obtained with regards to our insured’s defence and significant savings were ultimately achieved for our insurer client.
  • Appearing in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal in the case of Yozefovich v AI Insurance Holdings Pty Ltd (Civil Claims) [2017] VCAT 379.



  • Bachelor of Commerce, 2008, Deakin University
  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours), 2010, Victoria University
  • Masters of Teaching, 2012, University of Melbourne
  • Masters of Law, 2016, College of Law


  • Law Institute of Victoria
  • Women in Insurance