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Lesley Moon

Special Counsel


+61 2 9234 4512

Lesley has more than 30 years’ experience in personal injury claims, including over 16 years specialising in major / catastrophic claims, mostly for CTP insurers.


Lesley handles claims involving brain injury, spinal cord injury and claims involving children. She provides advice and has successfully conducted many of her own settlement conferences and mediations without counsel.

Her practice, mainly in the public liability and transport accident sphere, encompasses claims involving catastrophic injuries especially involving children. She has a particular forensic aptitude for dissecting complex medical and financial issues involved in major claims.

Lesley is widely respected for her knowledge of the law and her ability to provide early and accurate advice to clients about the likely outcomes. She has a particular interest in the law relating to funds management, claims for which can often be substantial.

Lesley’s proactive matter management ensures that claims are resolved as expeditiously as possible, on the most favourable terms.

She currently handles a number of Lifetime Care claims and was successful in an application to review a decision where an interim participant had been found to be ineligible for lifetime participation.

Lesley’s expertise extends beyond the law in NSW, having managed a number of interstate claims involving accidents in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.


Examples of Lesley’s experience include:

  • Recently finalised multiple claims (mental harm, property damage, personal injury and s151Z of the Workers Compensation Act 1987 (NSW)) arising out of a helicopter crash where the plaintiff sustained a catastrophic brain injury. The case was extremely complex not only factually but due to the number of statutory regimes that needed to be considered when determining the liability of the parties joined to the proceedings.
  • Successfully managed the claim of Insurance Australia Ltd t/as NRMA Insurance v Checchia (2011) 80 NSWLR 1 which went to the Court of Appeal and was the first case to consider fraudulent claims under s118 Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 (NSW)
  • ACT claim: Plaintiff was a 39 year old pedestrian who sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, resulting in need for 24 hour care. Significant issues concerning liability, life expectancy and cost of care. Plaintiff’s representatives very reluctant to progress claim. Matter settled following an informal settlement conference and mediation for $7.5 million plus costs of $400,000. Estimate $8 million. Plaintiff initially sought over $12.5 million plus costs.
  • Plaintiff at two years of age sustained horrific burns resulting in loss of fingers, thumbs, nose, ears and eyelids while a passenger in vehicle that caught fire following a head on collision. Plaintiff required numerous operations. Estimate $3.5 million, settled at informal settlement conference when plaintiff was 17 years old for $2.75 million plus costs of $232,000. Plaintiff’s initial offer was over $4 million plus costs.
  • Plaintiff at six years of age sustained significant brain damage in motor vehicle accident resulting in instability of gross movement, speech deficits, cognitive deficits and disinhibited behaviour. Major issue regarding cost of care. Matter resolved when plaintiff was 19. Estimate $8 million. Plaintiff’s tutor – NSW Trustee and Guardian – very unresponsive to settling claim and matter failed to settle at mediation. Settled on second day of hearing for $7.5 million plus costs of $497,500. Plaintiff’s initial offer was over $15 million plus costs.



  • Bachelor of Laws, 1983, Sydney University